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Moving is no joke. If you are like me, you would much rather spend your time daydreaming about your new home color palette than you would packing and labeling boxes. I believe you need to be entirely in the correct headspace to begin packing your belongings into a box in order for moving to be a good experience. Start it off on the right foot! I am going to share some things that helped us with our move to make it go as smoothly as possible. While I do have some tips of my own, Relief Moving Company (couple owned, Minnesota based) has some great ones as well! I wish I would have found them before we made our move, talk about having a great moving experience. We definitely will be keeping this sweet couple in mind in the future, wherever our endeavors take us! Based on all of their amazing reviews, I can see that the owners, Adam and Itzel Page, would be a total dream to work with!

Tip 1

This one is kind of a classic Pinterest hack, but so great! I have used this the last few times I have moved and it is such a quick and easy way to pack and unpack. Take a garbage bag and put it over all of your hanging clothes. You could put it on either way, depending on how far you will be transporting your clothes. You could either pull the bag up from the bottom and tie the top around the hangers, or you could make a hole in the bottom of the bag, pull it down, and tie it under your hanging clothes.

Tip 2

I have only ever labeled and numbered boxes, but the pro’s over at Relief Moving suggests color coding the boxes to rooms. Instead of labeling a box “kitchen 1/5,” label it with a piece of pink duct tape for kitchen boxes, green for the bathroom, blue for the bedroom etc. I do however think it would still be helpful to include the number of box out of your total number just to keep track of boxes and to know if any are misplaced.

Tip 3

Have kids or pets that constantly need you? Hire a sitter or movers. Relief Moving Company LLC does just what their names says they do; they provide you with some relief. Whether you need someone to pack your boxes, protect your piano, or just move the boxes to your new home; Relief has you covered! As you can tell, Relief has a lot of different options available to you. I however love the idea of not having to pack or move boxes! Head over to their website by clicking here to receive a free quote for your next move.

Tip 4

Declutter before you begin packing. We all have a closet full of clothes that we don’t like to wear or might wear someday and a drawer that houses things we never touch. Clean it out! Instead of moving things that don’t see the light of day from house to house, donate it (if it is in good shape) and let somebody else give some love to the pieces.

Tip 5

Fill everything! Don’t just move suitcases filled with bags, fill those things! I actually found our largest suitcases and laundry baskets to be the best way to transport our shoes. I also used a laundry basket to put the last few things left in our previous place (cleaning products). We needed them as we were moving out of our apartment (they literally gave us a charge list for everything if we didn’t clean it, not cleaning the cupboards would have costed us roughly $200) and right away when we were moving into our first home. They were all ready to go!

Tip 6

Start early. Start compiling boxes and asking around before you are in the midst of packing. Our apartment had a weird closet in the back of our actual closet, which I used to store our boxes that were used in the moving to the apartment. As we got things in big boxes, I just saved them and stashed them in this closet, When the time came to pack, I grabbed the boxes and was able to get started without having to go buy and put together new boxes. This time around I used bubble wrap as well. I placed a small square between each plate and wrapped our wine and beer glasses. We had just gotten married a few months before and had more “grownup” things than we had when we moved into the apartment and I wanted to put a little bit more effort into ensuring our new plates, cups, etc wouldn’t be broken.

I can't wait for our projects to begin finishing up so I can start actually unpacking and putting away more things. Right now our dining room is just a storage room because we have so many different projects underway. We have been replacing all of our windows and had some hiccups along the way. Two of our rooms that will house most of our things that are still packed up are construction zones, hence the reason we moved in May and still have things to put away. Hopefully we are finished up before the the snow decides to stick.:)

Relief Moving Company is there to make moving a breeze. Head to their website or Facebook page to see how many people they have made enjoy their moving experience; I bet you don’t hear that too often! Adam and Itzel offer so many different options when it comes to deciding how you want to tackle moving day. Is Grandma moving into assisted living? They can help! Moving into a new luxury apartment? Check! They can help with that too. Relocating your business? They do corporate moves too! Look at this sweet review left by one very happy mover:

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are and will always be 100% my very own.


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