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Here in Minnesota the weather has been really crazy lately. Big shocker, right? Last weekend it was 60, breaking the record from the 1800's of 54 for February. I think that excited me too much! Well, the next morning it was snowing, it dropped about 25 degrees. Ughh I just want sunshine and summertime! Soon. Until then, everyone will be enjoying one of their favorite breaks of the school year; Spring Break! In the past, I have not done much. My entire family would go a few states over to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers play some baseball. A couple of years ago we went to Hollywood, Florida, our first trip on a plane! I am so happy that I am lucky enough to take the trip with my family again this year, Florida here we come! As I was packing tonight, I thought I would share some of the things I packed along with some tips!

I hate the quality of this picture, I apologize. I could not find good lighting by time I was done packing. Let's start with the bag that I bring with me! My family checks one bag and then everyone can bring a carryon suitcase and a personal bag. I was Barnes and Nobles website trying to find some new books to read. I did not struggle with making a big list of all of the books that I want to read, but with finding them in stores! I managed to find Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Furiously Happy is about taking those moments and life and making them a hundred times better while suffering with anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias, autoimmune disorders, etc.. It is almost like a collection of her real life stories full of humorous twists. When Breath Becomes Air is a memoir written by a young neurosurgeon diagnosed with terminal cancer. The book is about him trying to answer one questions; what makes life worth living? I also threw in my iPad, mostly because I wanted to bring it with to have in Florida (Netflix before bed obviously) and I would rather have it right with me as opposed to my suitcase. I recently received an adult coloring book! They are all of the hype right now and have been for a while. I loving drawing and coloring, unfortunately Target was (oddly) out of coloring pencils, my mom is bring those:) I threw in some Vaseline, hand sanitizer, my wallet, headphones, and my sunglasses as well. I am generally wearing sunglasses and always have something on my lips. Cabin air is a lot dryer, throw in a little hand lotion if you would like! You all know lotion grosses me out ha. In the morning, I will pack my phone and phone charger into this bag!

Some other good things to pack...


-travel itinerary



-hair bands


-makeup wipes


-ear plugs


-journal and pen

-neck pillow

-eye mask

-blanket scarf

Now it's time for some travel tips! These are things that I do or would consider doing. The last time we went on our trip, our carryon suitcases were all checked for free because of the availability of space, If I remember correctly, they were overbooked! It was helpful to have a brightly colored ribbon tied around the handle of my suitcase so I could quickly spot it on the track. Here are some more quick tips...

pay for checked luggage online ahead of time

park your car at a park and ride

arrive with plenty of time to get situated so you don't stress yourself out

booking one of the first flights of the day gives you less chance of a delay, the plane is there

bring a plastic, refillable water bottle so you don't have to keep waiting for glasses

bring something that is not an electronic

wear your heaviest clothes/the hardest things to pack

fill your tennis shoes with socks or underwear

put your cords into a glasses case or your shoe, secure with bread twisty

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I carry in my personal bag as well as some other suggestions and tips. Enjoy your break, whatever you might be doing, and make the most of it! Well, I should probably head to sleep, I have to head to the airport in like five hours, no biggie.



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