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It is all around us; in the magazines we scan, the books we read, and on the products we purchase. We are constantly influenced by images that we perceive as a reality, when in truth, they are the farthest from what reality actually is. What is it that we surrounded by? Altered images.

Altered images have a much larger influence on us than we believe. These types of images influence us in a way that makes us want to become what we see in a picture or on TV. We are shown unrealistic body and beauty standards. Standards that many people will feel they need to conform to in order to be accepted in society, only to continue striving for something that they will never be able to achieve happily. As I go through life, look deeper into fabricated images, and continue to be exposed to everything, I always come back to a thought- would I want my kids to try to be like something that is so false, unhealthy, and unattainable? The answer is no. The only way you can help yourself become less perceptible to these things is by educating yourself! You are doing that just by reading this post on the power of editing. You are educating yourself in the sense that you have recognized the fact that the things you see on TV and in magazines are not always reality; you have already been taking the first steps!

Below are two pictures that I had edited in the past. As you can see, there is an obvious difference! The first picture was taken in my bedroom at my parents house with no makeup on. Now look at the second one, wow, I now have makeup! I cleared and tanned my skin, added eyeliner, filled in my eyebrows and added a little bit of lipstick. This was all done in a couple of minutes on my computer!

The second image was again taken in a bedroom with no makeup on and hair that was in no way done. Yes, I literally put on my coat and mittens to take this picture with the plan of changing the background. My lips have a nice nude tint to them in the second picture and my hair has a light red tint to it now as well. The background was changed to a pumpkin patch and a filter was applied over everything in the end. Neither of these images as as dramatic and some of the ones we see today. Are you able to spot them?

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