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I decided to take a chance in January and enter the Mac Duggal body positive model search. This campaign is all about showing that everyone is beautiful in their own skin and should have the same options as other girls as they shop for dresses for their big day; to look and feel beautiful. This nationwide search consists of multiple phases, of which it is winding down. Phase one; submit a picture on social media and caption the photo explaining why you are fabulous. Phase two; selected semifinalists are invited to New York to interview with Mac Duggal and panel during New York Fashion Week. Phase three; selected finalists go to Chicago for a screen test at headquarters. Phase four; the final phase, winner(s) are selected and the face(s) of Mac Duggal's plus prom collection is chosen.

I was chosen as a semifinalist and jumped at my chance to fly to New York to meet with an amazing panel of judges. I could not wait to explore the city I had only dreamed of frolicking in and to express to these incredible people who I am and how much of a difference I am determined to make. Flights were booked, outfits were laid, and plans were made. My heart kept beating faster as the day was quickly approaching, I was notified with a week to go. It made the countdown easier to handle, to say the least! As I pack and go through my itinerary, I get the worst call I could've expected, not that I ever though I would receive a call like this, not when things seemed to be going so great. Thanks to a lovely snowstorm taking over the east coast, all flights to New York were cancelled. I spent at least five hours on the phone that afternoon/evening, sadly ending the night in defeat. There was no possible way I could get to New York for this chance of a lifetime.

Participants were told that if they were not able to make it to the city for interviews, there would be another way. I waited and waited for another email telling us how after the initial email that came on February 10th. Over one month later, that email finally came yesterday. There will be an 11th finalist spot given to a girl chosen by the people. This means that I need your votes! You get one vote per email, help a Minnesota girl out!

Thank you so much to everyone that supported my journey before, it doesn't have to be over yet!


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