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As the days go on, it is easy to slip into a routine within a relationship. Now, I am not complaining, Netflix nights are great and all, but sometimes it is nice to switch things up a little bit. Whether you have been in your relationship for a while now, or it is a new experience, I hope you find some fun ideas!

1) My boyfriend and I are incredibly into movies. I absolutely love them, as does he. I love the way they just take you to a new place and full of new experiences. Movies never cease to deepen my love for acting and movies as a whole. Movies can get expensive, prices are usually cheaper before six o'clock, but check you local theater to double-check! If you are as avid about movies as we are, it could be beneficial to look into your its reward program as well.

2) Support your local team! Whether it be your cities team or your states, it is always fun to head out to a game. As the weather finally starts to warm up, baseball games are always a fun outing. Don't forget the Cracker Jack's!

3) Relive your childhood! I am still a complete kid at heart. Disney will always be one of my biggest loves and watching old classics always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Disney movies are the best, they always will be. Another fun thing to do is watch each others favorite movies from when they were growing up. Hopeless romantic anyone?

4) Cook or bake together! If you don't live together, this can be a fun thing to do. If you do like us, it is still something fun that happens on a regular basis! You could always hint to him to just surprise you with breakfast, dinner, or some sweet treats as well:) Cooking together is just plain ole fun. Try doing something out of the ordinary! We made our own pizza's one time, see what creations you can each come up with. Try to keep them edible ha. We do have our favorites as well. Basil pesto chicken Alfredo? One word; amazing! (third picture)

5) Become a tourist in your city! Even if you have already seen places your city is known for, it is different experiencing them together. If you love taking pictures of every little thing like I do, you will have plenty of photo ops while doing this! If you are from different cities, showing them around where you grew up is a great, sentimental idea as well. (second picture)

6) Find the hidden nooks and crannies! Everybody knows about Starbucks and Caribou, what fun are they besides to grab a quick drink? Go on a hunt for the hidden gems in your city; the little coffee shops and bakeries that everybody forgets about. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover your new favorite spot along the way! (first picture)

7) Build/make something together! Find an art project that the two of you could work on together. Getting creative together is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Not into art? Putting together a bookshelf or something more extreme can prove to be just has fun!

8) Tour! If you live in a city of hustle and bustle, it is likely that there are many different types of tours available. If you are old enough and like beer, a brewery tour is a cool option. Maybe your city is full of rich history, keep an eye out for a tour that showcases it.

9) Get outside! Go biking, on a walk, or hiking! Minnesota has finally stayed warm for a few days, instead of snowing one day and being sixty the next (this literally just happened). Find some trails and enjoy nature and the warm weather. We went kayaking down a river together last summer, it was literally the most fun I had ever had on a date! He might've tipped and lost his clothes too, might've.

10) Get competitive! Have a game night together. You could play board games or transition to things like Wii or Playstation. I always brag about how good at bowling and Wii bowling I am, in reality, I completely suck at actual bowling. He quickly figured this out as we started going to Moonlight Bowling. Putting a little wager on your games could become a fun twist as well;)

11) Get fancy! Get all dressed up and go to dinner together. Getting dressed up is probably a little bit out of the ordinary, usually things end up on the more casual side.

12) Pamper yourselves! Have a spa night together. Do face masks, give massages, shower/bathe, go hot tubbing, and relax! I love when he lets me put face masks on him and when I sway him enough to paint my toes. You might end up benefitting the most!

13) Imagine! If your relationship is just starting out, this might be a little creepy... If you are farther into your relationship, it is really enjoyable to imagine your future together. Walk around target, browse Pinterest, looks at homes, check out animal shelters. It makes us both so happy to envision a life together, it can all start with Pinterest:)

14) Grab a blanket! Head out on a picnic. Pack your favorite snacks and some PB&J and enjoy dinner as the sun sets. Later on, lay down and watch the stars poke out. Don't forget to make a wish!

15) Sleep under the stars! Maybe after your picnic and stargazing sesh, you spend the night in a tent! Dessert is obviously a must, roast some s'mores to finish off the night.

16) Live it! My bucket list is called my Live it List. Why? Because a bucket list is meant for "kicking the can." I don't want to do things just because I am going to die someday, I want to do them to live my life to the fullest. Create a list of things the two of you want to do together. You could create one year by year or one for your relationship overall. Our yearly list has things like go skydiving, get a dog, take more pictures, and take a road trip to new cities.

I hope you guys enjoyed these 16 date ideas! Yes, I purposely made it so that it was not the common "15." I won't set my alarm to times like :00, :15. or :30 either. I know, it's weird. I will be adding more date night ideas over time, stay tuned!


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