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White. Need I say more? I am the person that everyone judges when asked what my favorite color is. Why? I respond with "white" and apparently that is not a color. White to me is brightness. I love when homes, rooms, and decorations are bright and airy. It feels more open and happy in my opinion, not sterile like others might perceive (I still don't see it). There are easier ways than you might think there are to begin brightening up your living spaces.

Lets start with your kitchen...

Minneapolis MN Premier Surfaces- Custom Design Countertops

Your kitchen should feel like a welcoming place that you can entertain your family and guests. I personally love white cabinets, they just completely transform the area. White marble countertops are also high on my list of things I would like in my homes kitchen (when the time comes). If white counters and cabinets are too much white for you, try opting for a dark wooded cabinets for some nice contrast or a light gray to keep the bright feel, but add a bit more dimension. How incredibly gorgeous are these countertops by Minneapolis Premier Surfaces? Total heart eye emoji. Minneapolis Minnesota Premier Surfaces is one of the top fabricators and installers of countertops in the United States, which makes complete sense as I was looking at all of their beautiful pieces of art on their website. Also, look at that sink cutting board. Talk about a space saving and smart hack. I wish I would have come up with that.

Let's take it to the bedroom...

I have always loved Aspyn Ovard's style, probably because her decorating taste is incredibly similar to mine. When it comes to brightening up my own bedroom, I love white bedding. I had always had white bedding and loved how it transformed and pulled my entire bedroom together. Boys however make it incredibly difficult to keep white bedding, well, white. I currently have gray and white bedding, something that does not showcase "boy" as much, but something I am still able to get the same vibe with. We have white nightstands, white walls, and a white tv stand (the six cube from Target) with white storage bins. These things all help deter from the mixed bedding and our wooden headboard (which my brother so kindly made for me when I sent him a picture off of Pinterest). The contrast of their nightstands and the dark lamps work great with the white bedding and walls. We have clear lamp bases and clearanced Target shades. Ugly or dark carpet? Throw down a nice black and white ikat rug to help tie things together. Greenery and white together are almost as good as Ben and Jerry. They are just meant to be. Add some greenery to your space to lighten it up even further.

You might be able to see this beauty of a countertop in person! Click below to find out where the closest Premier Surfaces showroom is, it might be closer than you think!

Needing more? Stay tuned for tips for your living room and bathroom!


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